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Live Schedule

  • Thursday, 30 October
    • 13:00


    • 15:00

      David Cornelissen

    • 16:00

      Rens Worbier

    • 18:00


    • 19:00


    • 20:00

      The Soundmachine

  • Friday, 31 October
    • 13:00

      Flight Recorder label take-over

  • Monday, 3 November
    • 16:00

      Robert Bergman

    • 17:00

      Right On Mountain

    • 18:00

      Subbacultcha! Radio

    • 19:00


    • 20:00

      Aux Raus Radio

  • Tuesday, 4 November
    • 13:00

      Wicked Jazz Sounds

    • 14:00


    • 15:00


    • 17:00

      All Around The Globe

    • 18:00


    • 19:00


    • 20:00

      Future Vintage

  • Wednesday, 5 November
    • 12:00

      Analogue Mutations

    • 13:00

      Africa Is Hot

    • 15:00

      Jameszoo & Ben Penn's Robert Wyatt Special

    • 16:00

      Mr Psychosis

    • 17:00

      Nicky Fingers

    • 18:00

      Rege Satanas


October 30th: Dribbler, David Cornelissen, Rens Worbier, Malawi, PPI & The Soundmachine

First guest of today is Glasgow’s DJ Dribbler who go introduced to us by Red Light Records’ Abel, so that must be good company, tune in at 1. First time at RLR for David Cornelissen today so tune in for his show at 3. Vinyl, tobacco and beer is all Rens Worbier needs, live at [...]

October 29th: Radio Noet Noet, Frauduleus, Het Karakter, Lemon Community, Rege Satanas, Brain Fried, Colors

Man are we glad to have the colorful Radio Noet Noet crew from Den Haag over at 1 to warm up this day. At 3 it’s up to the Frauduleus collective from Rotterdam: they host parties, travel, work on a documentary, do a band and play records as well! Het Karakter will tell you what [...]

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Upcoming Events

17 November: Converse Red Light Session with VIET CONG & FUMAÇA PRETA at Pacific Place Amsterdam

21 November: Red Light Radio DJ-team at Le Guess Who? Aterparty at Vreedenburg Utrecht

28 November: RED LIGHT RADIO 4 YEAR PARTY at OT301 Amsterdam

Red Light Radio 4 Year Anniversary

WOW! Red Light Radio is almost 4 years old, and as every year we are still amazed by what this has become, by all the great music that came through our studio and all the awesome like-minded people we have met.
So what do we do? WE CELEBRATE!!!

All listeners, radio makers, DJs, friends, supporters, bands, artists and guests, we invite you to come down to RLR party HQ OT301 on Friday November 28th to have a drink with us and to enjoy the music by:

AFRICAINE 808 (LIVE, Vulkan Dance, Golf Channel)

G-STRING (R-A-G, Crystal Maze, M>O>S, Echovolt)

MONOCORPSE (LIVE, Fort Grofusch)


Party starts at 10, tickets are 10

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